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Why Summer is the Best Time for Plastic Surgery

4 Reasons For Scheduling Plastic Surgery in the Summer

Summer is almost here! This means it’s time to switch up your beauty routine. Maybe you’re hoping to get a new hairstyle, maybe you want to get a nice tan, or maybe you’re looking for an entirely new look. Whatever your summer plans entail, there are many reasons why now is the perfect time for you to consider plastic surgery.

Did you know that most non-surgical, cosmetic procedures peak in the summer? If you are thinking about going under the knife to get that nose job or a tummy tuck? There’s no reason to wait until later. Here are some incentives for getting started this summer season: 

More Time Off- Vacation Days

Summer remains a time of rest and relaxation, even as society has become increasingly busy. If you opt to spend your two weeks of vacation time over the summer, no one will notice. They’re just as likely to assume you’re going on vacation with your family, rather than spending the time recovering from surgery. Summer is not only easier to take time off in, but it is also a slower season in general. As a result, when you return to work, you’ll be less likely to be overwhelmed by a backlog of projects that accumulated while you were away.

Vacation Days from/with the Kids!

Another main reason why summer is a good season for plastic surgery for some people is the ability to leave their children at summer camp or visit their grandparents or even if they are home with you during the summer while you recover from treatment, your older children may be able to pitch in and help with modest chores and housework. If they’re younger, it may be easier to find a babysitter because local high school students will be out of school and seeking a summer job babysitting.

Preparing for Holidays

One of the advantages of having breast surgery or a stomach tuck before the summer arrives is that you’ll be ready to go to the beach and flaunt your bikini physique. When it comes to surgery, you can have another purpose in mind. Perhaps you have a 20-year high school reunion coming up in the fall, and you want to look your best. You may also want to look your best for upcoming holiday events. If that’s your aim, having surgery in the summer is preferable to waiting until a few weeks before your reunion or a major holiday function.

Comfort for Healing

While many don’t favor the summer season for recuperation as they would want to be healed and able to showcase their new looks, the use of air conditioning can make recovery more comfortable; light garments on incision sites can be more comfortable;

When recovering from surgery in the summer, it’s crucial to remember to stay hydrated, moisturize your skin, and use sunscreen if you’re going to be outside. You can help lessen many of the harmful impacts of summer healing by doing so.

New York-based plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Levine is one of the top-ranked surgeons in the area and is available to discuss the pros and cons of summertime plastic surgery with you. Whatever your reasons for considering surgery in the summer months, contact us today!