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Women Do It Better: Why You Should Trust Your Face to a Female Plastic Surgeon

With all due respect to our skilled male counterparts, female plastic surgeons can often achieve better results for their patients. Specifically, in facial plastic surgery. Before going into the “battle of the sexes”, we want to stress one crucial point:

“Whether you choose to go to a male or female plastic surgeon, it is imperative that you choose a facial plastic surgeon for any facial cosmetic procedure. The profound understanding and experience in facial anatomy significantly increases your chances of a successful procedure without a need for a revision.”

Although there are about as many female medical students as male, the number of female surgeons continues to be low. This is especially evident in the field of plastic surgery. When it comes to facial plastic surgery, ironically most of the patients are women:  about 90% of facial plastic surgeons are male, but 90% of the patients are female.  Reasons to consider a female facial plastic surgeon include:

  • Shared beauty perspective. For both male and female patients, a female plastic surgeon is often a preferred choice. Both feel more comfortable discussing their insecurities and ideal looks. Men especially let their guard down with female plastic surgeons and can have a more open conversation about their desired look, which leads to better results. Women feel more comfortable asking questions that are intuitive to another woman, such as “When can I wear makeup again?”
  • While there are men who are quite good at communicating, it is no secret that women have this one in the bag. On average, female plastic surgeons spend more time with their patients during consultations and follow up visits. Clear, thorough communication is integral to creating desired results as well as overall patient satisfaction.
  • Natural results. We believe that everyone is uniquely beautiful and as a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Levine makes it her priority to emphasize that beauty rather than change it. Therefore, we have established the Believable Beauty™ philosophy. Due to varying perceptions of beauty between females and males, female patients tend to find more natural, believable results from female plastic surgeons. Men prefer more stylized results.

Even though both sexes may have comparable skills, you may find that seeing a female plastic surgery enhances your experience and produces better results.

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