Blepharoplasty: Is It For You?

  • Is the skin around your eyes baggy?
  • Do you notice fine lines that were not there before?
  • Do you appear tired even after a full night of sleep?
  • Does your eyelid appear to droop?
  • Is the droopy appearance of your eyelid affecting your daily life?
  • Blepharoplasty might be the procedure for you.

Every individual is different in regards to aging, while some might begin to show signs of aging later in life, others might begin to notice signs of fine lines or tired eyes as early as in their 20s. Some may take non-surgical approach as a way to delay the aging process, while others may prefer to undergo a blepharoplasty procedure instead.

Blepharoplasty nyc, or eyelid surgery. Is one of the more popular and quick procedures that are shown to produce a dramatic and rejuvenating results. All dependant upon the patient’s skin laxity. It is when both the upper and lower eyelids are addressed through the removal of skin and redistribution of fat.

Nothing ages the face more than baggy skin under the eyes. Lower eyelid surgery is able to correct and create a more youthful appearance by surgically removing or repositioning excess skin and fat around the eyes.

Your lower eyelids aren’t the only thing to suffer from saggy skin, this excess skin can also hang over your eye and disrupt one’s vision. These are the people that suffer from protruding or hooded upper eyelids, that lack of the “double fold” is what gives the eyes a more brightened and awake appearance.

Dr. Jennifer Levine believes that determining the best treatment plan for each individual patient is an in-person or video consultation that can be scheduled by contacting our front desk at 646.362.5245.

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