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Meet DAXXIFY: A Botox alternative that lasts up to 9 months

For decades, BOTOX has been the “go-to” option for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. BOTOX is a neurotoxin that works by relaxing facial muscles, therefore reducing wrinkles. It is most commonly used for treating wrinkles around the brow, forehead, and the area around the eyes known as “crow’s feet.” However, it can also be used in the masseter muscles, which can help relieve TMJ and narrow the bottom of the face.

As one of the top 1% cosmetic injectors in the United States, Dr. Jennifer Levine is excited to add the recently FDA-approved injectable, DAXXIFY to her arsenal of anti-aging treatments. Like BOTOX, DAXXIFY delivers a botulinum toxin to block nerve signals from reaching and stimulating the targeted facial muscles. This results in the muscles being temporarily unable to move, and during this period wrinkles and fine lines are relaxed and visibly reduced. The injection can also be used to treat conditions such as neck spasms, excessive sweating, an overactive bladder, and lazy eye.


How is DAXXIFY different from BOTOX?

Studies show that DAXXIFY can temporarily improve moderate to severe frown lines for an average duration of up to nine months, which is three months longer than the period generally provided by BOTOX. In addition to having longer-lasting effects compared to other neuromodulators, DAXXIFY’s formula makes use of peptides, which are short chains of compounds called amino acids. This makes it the only neuromodulator that’s free of human serum albumin.

For patients who have a harder time keeping up with their BOTOX appointments, DAXXIFY may offer one or two treatments for the whole year. While DAXXIFY presents a better treatment option that lasts longer than BOTOX, Dr. Levine takes each patient’s goals into consideration and during consultations, will present more information that will bring you closer to deciding which option is best for you. Call 212-517-9400 to chat with us today, and learn more about DAXXIFY.