6 Rhinoplasty tips for before and after surgery

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, especially in NYC. The nose is the centerpiece of the face, making even small adjustments capable of harmonizing all of its features. The key to having the best rhinoplasty experience is, first, to find an experienced board certified facial plastic surgeon. Having a qualified professional perform […]

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Benefits of Facial Plastic Surgery Under Local Anesthesia

Did you know that you could get facial surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and even a facelift under local anesthesia? It is safer, reduces recovery time and is more comfortable for the patient. General anesthesia, which is how most surgical procedures are performed, requires for the whole body to go to sleep. This takes […]

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First Comes Love, Then Comes…Botox?

In a recent study, it was found that 10% of future brides now undergo some type of cosmetic surgery or treatment in preparation for her big day. And that’s just the brides. Dr. Levine was featured in this New York Times article,  which revealed that cosmetic wedding prep for grooms is a quickly growing trend. […]

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Celebrity Trends 2017: Believable Beauty Is In | NYC Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery NYC

In the recent months, we’ve noticed that our philosophy of Believable Beauty™ has become a welcomed trend by celebrities of all ages. What is Believable Beauty To us, cosmetic plastic surgery is not about creating a new person. It is about helping you become the best version of yourself aesthetically. The confidence that comes from […]

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Facelift: The Comeback

The facelift procedure is the poster child of plastic surgery. With all of the new, non-invasive procedures that focus on turning back the clock on your face – you would imagine that surgical facelifts are a thing of the past. Not at all. According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), facelift was the third […]

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How to Get Red Carpet-Ready, Naturally

An event like the recent Golden Globes can take months of preparation – and we’re not talking about the logistics. Celebrities plan their routine as far as 12 months ahead to be ready for events as big as this. No wonder they look flawless. Dr. Levine and her staff specialize in creating personalized treatment plans […]

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Top 3 Non-Invasive Procedures To Get Ready for the Holidays

40 days to Thanksgiving, 71 days to Winter Holidays – is it really time to start thinking Holiday parties? Absolutely! As the Fall sweeps in to New York City, we tend to stay inside more, workout less and crave treats that wreak havoc on our bodies and our skin. More layers of clothes give us […]

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BROTOX: Will you give it a shot?

Women have long been known to openly care more for how old they look than men, but the playing field is evening out. In lieu of reality TV, selfies and higher expectations, men are now becoming just as concerned about their appearance. The face, being the most visible and intricate feature, tells our age to […]

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Christina, Our Office Manager, Shares Her Favorite Procedures

As Dr. Levine’s office manager, a large part of my job is spending time with patients and getting to know them.  They will often ask me what treatments I’ve done or what are some of my favorites so I thought I’d share my top 3 favorite treatments with all of you.  1. Fillers – This is […]

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What Dad Really Wants This Father’s Day

Another tie? A new gadget? How about a rejuvenated look and a boost to his confidence, instead? Statistics show that a rapidly increasing number of men are getting rejuvenating treatments – both surgical and non-invasive – however it is women who most often make their first appointments! Below are some ideas on how you can […]

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5 Ways to Protect Your Skin This Summer

Summer is around the corner and the #1 question we get is… how do I protect my skin? Although you should be protecting exposed skin throughout the year, Summer yields more skin bared and therefore, more need for protection. The formula to healthy skin is quite simple: Healthy Skin = Nourish + Protect + Repair […]

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How Do I Get Kylie Jenner Lips?

We won’t speculate on whether or not Kylie Jenner started the trend, but… plump, full lips are all the rage! And the good news is that you can get your version of them too. Why do we say, “your version”? Because pasting Kylie’s lips on your face will probably not look believable unless you are […]

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Facelift: When do you need it?

If you follow the popular cosmetic surgery site, Real Self, you may notice that there are many questions from patients who are considering a procedure that will give their face a rejuvenated look. Being one of the most popular surgical procedures for the face, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a facelift is […]

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New Year, New You: Top 5 Procedures to Try in 2016

Did you make a resolution to look and feel your best in 2016? There are so many tempting ways to do that – from the newest diet fad to the cream that promises to reduce your age by decades – but not all of them work. To help you narrow down which beauty procedures are […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Pack Away the Sunscreen in the Winter

Sun Protection and Repair

Although the temperatures are dropping and the sun is setting earlier each day, that doesn’t mean that you should put away your sunscreen. In fact, as any dermatologist will probably tell you, protecting your skin is something that you should do all year-round! Believe it or not, getting sunburned during the winter is just as […]

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