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Non-Surgical Facelift: Which option is best for you?

Non-Surgical Facelift: Which option is best for you?

Not ready for a surgical facelift? In the bustling hub of NYC, where innovation meets aesthetics, more individuals are opting for non-surgical solutions for facial rejuvenation. A surgical facelift has traditionally been the go-to procedure for reversing the signs of aging, but with the advances in aesthetic medicine, a non surgical facelift NYC can offer […]

4 Aesthetic Treatments to Get Ready for Valentine’s Day + BONUS

Whether you have big plans with your significant other or are making February 14th all about self-love, we have the perfect non-invasive treatments to get you ready in time. To ensure you get the full results by the big day, schedule your appointment now. Face The aesthetic trend for 2023 is about facial contouring that achieves […]

Meet Daxi: What you need to know about the new anti-wrinkle injectable

In early December of 2022, Dr. Jennifer Levine attended the exclusive DAXXIFY™ PrevU Launch Event in Nashville, TN. Being selected as one of the first to offer the newest, longer-lasting neuromodulator – Daxxify in NYC – Dr. Levine is excited to share how ‘Daxi’ is different and how that can benefit our patients. About Daxxify […]