Chin and Cheek Implants

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Chin and Cheek Augmentation New York, NY

The chin and cheekbones provide structure to the face; they define the face and act as scaffolding for the skin and soft tissues. Sometimes these features are not as prominent as they can be and require enhancement. Altering your bony facial features can improve your overall facial harmony and beauty dramatically. We can help you decide which feature that might be.

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The chin plays an important role in facial appearance and yet is often overlooked. Many people may feel that their nose is too large or too overpowering for their face, when in fact it is their chin that needs improvement. A chin that is too small gives the face a weak or unrefined appearance while a sculpted or chiseled jaw is seen as very desirable. By enhancing the chin, definition is added to the jawline, and facial balance can be restored. Chin implants are often combined with nasal surgery to obtain optimum correction of one’s profile.

High cheekbones, in contrast, are readily acknowledged as a sign of beauty. When the cheekbone is less prominent, people often feel the face looks dull or lifeless. As one ages, the tissue over the cheekbone falls and creates a flatter appearance. Some changes to this area can be achieved by injectables or a liquid facelift, to restore the soft tissue. Often, however, real changes can only be achieved with an implant. Cheek implants come in many sizes, shapes and materials depending on the exact correction that is needed. Once in place, the implant is invaluable in facial enhancement and balance.

NYC Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Levine, analyzes each patient to determine if chin implant or cheek implant surgery is indicated. For chin implants in NYC, NY, Dr. Levine will review the teeth, bite, nose and overall profile, and a dental or orthodontic consultation may be suggested. Cheek enhancement can be accomplished with volume correction, either with fat transfer or Cheek fillers such as Sculptra or Restylane. If an implant is necessary, Dr. Levine uses only medical grade materials that are well-documented for their durability and safety, and are tailored to the individual patient.

Chin Surgery & Recovery

Dr. Levine will make a small incision in a crease just beneath the chin. The implant is inserted, positioned onto the jawbone and closed with fine sutures. *The procedure takes about 30 minutes. After surgery, there may be some swelling. Keeping your head elevated for the first two to three weeks helps to minimize swelling. You may also experience discoloration and bruising, which should resolve over the first two weeks. Dr. Levine will remove the sutures in 5-7 days. It is recommended that you avoid any strenuous activity for at least two weeks.

Cheek Surgery & Recovery

Dr. Levine inserts the Chin and Cheekl implants through a small incision just above the gum line of the upper teeth. She positions the implant, secures it and sutures the incision. *Following the surgery, there may be some swelling and bruising, which should subside in about 1 week. Dr. Levine recommends compresses to help minimize any swelling. The sutures dissolve in about in 7-10 days. Makeup may be worn immediately after your procedure. You may return to work in 5-7 days.

Other Options

Implants are not the only way to improve weak chins and cheeks. If your entire upper or lower jaw is too small or your teeth do not quite come together properly, more extensive surgery called “mandibular” or “maxillary advancement” is sometimes recommended. We will let you know if you would be better served with one of these bigger operations, discuss their relative benefits and shortcomings and, when appropriate, refer you to a reputable colleague in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for surgical planning. However, as implant surgery is so easy and safe, most people prefer it to the more extensive “advancement” surgery. Like many of the procedures that Dr. Levine performs in NYC, chin and cheek implants can also be combined with a facelift. For a non-invasive option, some patients might benefit from Ultherapy.

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