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Brow and Forehead Lift New York, NY

The brow and forehead area is one of the most common spots of early aging. Even in the late twenties and early thirties, one can sometimes see little furrows between the brows or horizontal creases across the forehead. As time goes on, one may notice that the eyebrow has fallen slightly, or that applying makeup is different, and more difficult. It may also seem like the upper eyelid has additional skin that could require an eyelid lift, when in actuality this redundancy can be attributed to the falling brow. The eyebrows are a frame for the face, and even slight changes in the brow appearance can have a great effect on one’s apparent age. The height of the eyebrows can also dramatically affect how the eyes appear. The upper face does not always age in tandem with the lower face, and there are some “quick fixes” available. Wrinkles and some brow drooping can be greatly improved by Botox, which Dr. Jennifer Levine performs in her NYC office.

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Some patients might benefit from a non-surgical approach like Ultherapy. Some aging effects, however, can only be corrected by surgery. Eyebrow Lift surgeries and Forehead Lift surgeries can renew a more youthful look to a patient’s appearance. Dr. Jennifer Levine performs minimally invasive endoscopic brow lifts, direct brow lifts, coronal brow lifts and hairline brow lifts to restore the natural contours of the brow and upper face. The choice of treatment is tailored to the individual patient and his or her needs. This procedure can be performed separately or in conjunction with a facelift.


The standard forehead lift, recommended for severe age-related forehead and eyebrow problems, is performed through an incision in the hairline of the forehead. *The operation takes about two hours, and may be performed with you awake with intravenous sedation or asleep under general anesthesia in Dr. Levine’s state-of-the-art operating room located onsite. For patients who are at a higher risk for surgery, Dr. Levine can also perform the procedure at Manhattan Ear, Eye and Throat Hospital where she is an attending physician. At the end of the operation, small sutures and surgical staples are placed to close the incision. These are removed in seven to ten days. A small plastic drain is used to remove any accumulated blood overnight, and is removed the next day in the NYC office. You are able to go home the same day as the operation. If your eyebrow or forehead problem is not too severe, then perhaps you would be a candidate for endoscopic surgery of the forehead. Through five or six small incisions in the scalp, the deep grooves of the forehead can be improved and the eyebrows raised. We would be pleased to discuss this procedure in more detail during our consultation.


You will be able to return to work in approximately ten days and will be able to resume your routine activities and exercise at three weeks. There is very little swelling or bruising, but you will notice some numbness in the forehead and scalp for several months. You will also find that raising your eyebrows will feel funny for several months. However, these small nuisances are not a major concern to most of our patients. Your improved look will be subtle to everyone but you. Many people will say how well rested you look, or ask you if you have changed your hairstyle. This procedure alone can make you look anywhere from five to ten years younger.

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